Feng Shui

The Ancient Art and Science of Creating Space
Googled "Feng Shui" and got conflicting advice? Is a red front door really the best? [Answer: not always!]

There are many different ways to approach Feng Shui. And, since no two spaces are the same, I can provide an expert answer just for you. 

Whether you’ve read a few books or are just hearing about this for the first time, I can help you understand how to get the most out of your home. 

Find out if your home is helping or hindering you!
Beautiful FengShui Home Flying Stars Asheville

What is Feng Shui? 

It's living in accordance with the rules of nature. 
It's feeling good in your home. 
It's finding balance.

Feng Shui - Just for You


Creating flow in your space creates flow in your life. If you need a little something extra so you can optimize your life 
this is it.


When you walk through the door it'll feel like your home is welcoming you with a big, warm, hug. How wonderful would that feel?!


When we start and end our days in a peaceful space - it's easy to stay mindful and compassionate. Mindfulness is the way & peace is every step.


Wondering who you are and where you're going? By getting in touch with the things you're surrounded by, clarity about your future just happens. 

Feng Shui Services

(No Chinese coins or funny looking
frog decor necessary.)


Something doesn't feel right? Life not going to plan?Can't fall asleep? Doctor thinks your crazy? No obvious answers to your problems?

This can help with almost any area of your life. I know, I know - that sounds totally BS. But it works and that's why celebrities, world leaders, and top companies this ancient art and science.
professionally organized minimal shelves that are clean and arranged neatly with potted plants and wicker baskets


Designing your dream home? How exciting!! I'm designing to build my future home right now too!

The best homes are designed with Feng Shui in mind from the start. I can work with your team to modify your plans so you can live with good Feng Shui in the best house ever (that's the point of building your own, right?).
Feng Shui for Real estate building and making sure all the rooms are in the correct place for good energy flow


So you need to decide where you're going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of your life?

When I look at a house for you I look at more than just the physical layers. I think about what it's going to be like for you to live there - is that kitchen set up going to plague you for years? Is that cell phone tower a problem?
Keys and lock the door on the background of solar garden


Getting ready to sell? Or trying to sell your house... but your house isn't selling?

I've got the answers you need if you want to sell your house quickly and for top dollar. Selling your home can be hard - but it doesn't have to be! Asheville's Real Estate agents agree - 
Feng Shui is a life saver.

Feng Shui your home, transform your life.



Thank you so much Roberta! We moved our bed where you said and have been sleeping so much better. 

MP - Marshall, NC

Understanding my house in this way is revolutionary for me and I cannot imagine living in another one without this knowledge. Thank you, Roberta!

Nia - Durham, NC

Hey! We just finished signing the papers to sell the house! Just wanted to let you know :-) Thanks again!

Sam - Asheville, NC

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