Hey! I'm Roberta.

Professional Organizer, Feng Shui Consultant, and Registered Nurse. I'm also a wife, mother of cats, mindfulness geek, and lover of epic fantasy novels. 

I *LOVE* my job as an Organizer. Helping you create a tidy, peaceful home that supports your dreams is why I dance out of bed excited to serve the world in the morning. 

Life hasn't always been this exciting for me. Before I found my Joy under a pile of clutter...

I was unhealthy, exhausted, frustrated and stuck with my life. My home was a complete disaster: closet full of clothes that didn't fit, table full of papers, pile of dirty dishes surrounded by takeout leftovers...been there?

I had to figure out how to live better. My transformation started right at home with a deep breath, my own piles of clutter and a mindset shift. My whole life changed!

Under the mess and negative self talk I realized I have a talent for home & life transformations, and a calling to support women like you in mindfully changing the world. 

I've spent a decade studying and learning from the world's top masters. After years of experience I'm ready to help you.

I have education & experience in:

- The Konmari Method™
- Professional Organizing 
- Clutter Coaching
- Feng Shui
- Psych-K®
- Yoga
- Nursing
- Space Clearing & Balancing 

I've studied with top masters from all over the world, spent thousands of hours working with clients, and the transformations I see are so inspiring!
Roberta with the creator of the Konmari Method, Marie Kondo. 
This is Shirley. She runs the house.
Gardening sparks so much joy for me!

I'm human - weird quirks and all.


I love epic fantasy novels… like love LOVE. A hero's journey to distant lands to find the wizard and change the course of existence. I eat that stuff up- logging over 4,000 hours on my audible account. If there's magic or dragons I'm in! 


My perfect Saturday night is curled up on the couch in my purple fluffy bathrobe, candles lit, snuggling my cats, listening to an epic fantasy novel while eating chocolate. I consider this a form of heaven on earth.


Summer squash, butternut squash, zucinni... all of it. The taste and the texture aren't my thing. I grew up on a farm where my parents grew a LOT of squash and it was always on the dinner table.  To each their own!


Change your space, transform your life.

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